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Solutions: Activities for Daily Living

woman using modified toothbrush

Meet Rhonda:  She requested a customized 3D-printed toothbrush holder and travelling kit so she does not have to depend on a caregiver to brush her teeth.

Other daily living solutions could include:

  • Dressing assists
  • Toileting needs
  • Wheelchair transfer
  • Hand assist
  • Bathing assist
  • Mobility

Bed and crib solutions

Mom in a wheelchair tucks baby safely into the crib

Meet Rachel:  We designed a specialized crib for her with frontload access so she can care for her newborn while in a wheelchair.

Other bed/crib solutions could include:

  • Specialized bed for children with autism
  • Cribs for parents with shortened limbs
  • Unique Bed solutions

Musical Instrument Solutions

Rock and Roll artist playing modified guitar

Meet Rob:  He’s a rock & roll artist/musician who wanted to play guitar again after a C4 spinal cord injury.

Other solutions:

  • Adaptive trumpets for children with cleft palate
  • Adaptive guitars for people with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Adaptive trombone for people who were in accidents and want to play again

Sports Solutions

Caleb in a wheelchair with an attached lacrosse stick engineered to allow him to play.

Meet Caleb – A wheelchair arm design allows young Caleb to play lacrosse with his family and teammates. 

Other sports solutions:

  • Adaptive fishing rods
  • Sensory basketball for blind children
  • Specialized bikes that require customizations beyond our Bike Clinics
  • Customized treadmills for little people
  • Swing sets for children with seizures
  • Baseball gloves and bats for children in wheelchairs

Wheelchair/Walker Adaptations and Innovation

Senior Expo

Volunteer Engineers at Rollator Clinic at the Senior Expo in Westminster.


vme@imagemd.org or call 443-320-4007