Custom Solutions

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Custom Solutions are created by engineers who are supported by OTs, PTs, student engineers, 3D printing specialists, welders, and other professionals. They meet the unique challenges presented by people of all ages with any type of disability for review.

Custom Design

woman using modified toothbrush

About Design Solutions

Solutions for:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Bed and crib
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports
  • Walker and cane adaptations

Bike Clinics

About Bike Clinics

Custom Bikes for Children

  • Bikes w/ Outriggers
  • Trikes
  • Adaptive recumbent or tandem
  • Rear Steering for Parents
  • Remote Braking

Rollator Clinics

Engineers doing repairs at the rollator clinic

About Rollator Clinics

Repairs by Zoom or in person

  • Rollators
  • Cane Tips
  • Minor wheelchair repairs
  • Walkers

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