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Happy Healthy Holidays Event Recap

Mirranda Williams, MSW, shares some suggestions for positively coping with difficult-to-handle emotions that sometimes accompany the holidays.

The IMAGE Center’s first Wellness Series Event was on December 13, 2023. Our speaker was social worker Mirranda Williams, MSW. She presented a variety of healthy coping strategies to help keep stress low during the holidays and beyond.

Mirranda received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from Morgan State University. She has founded InspEYEre Consulting, a dedicated platform providing resources and support groups for mental health issues among seniors living with blindness. You can find out more on Mirranda’s Facebook group at The Inspeyere Corner.

Mirranda’s presentation was very interactive and helpful. She highlighted some common emotions you can feel during the holiday and any other time throughout the year: anxiety, loneliness, grief, sadness, anger, and being overwhelmed. She provided some suggestions for positively coping with these often difficult-to-handle emotions.

Holiday Coping Tips

  1. MAKE A LIST, CHECK IT TWICE! A simple practice to remove stress is to write down your plans and obligations in order of importance. What can you eliminate? What is most important to you?
  2. SPREAD HOLIDAY CHEER! Sometimes to put a smile on your own face, it is helpful to put a smile on the faces of others! Consider volunteering this holiday season.
  3. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN! If you are able, consider giving, whatever that may be! From food donations to your local food bank, to a monetary contribution to your favorite organization, there is no wrong way to give back.
  4. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Remind yourself not to sweat the small stuff for your own mental health. Remind yourself to give yourself grace.
  5. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! Meditate. Read a book. Go on a walk. Remember that you need to focus on self-care so that you do not stretch yourself too thin.
  6. TAKE TIME OFF! Resetting and recharging are important to overall happiness. Spend time with your family and friends. Put your electronics away.
  7. SET A BUDGET! Think of alternative gifts that do not cost a lot but that come from your heart.
  8. INDULGE AND BALANCE! Find a way to work in some healthy balance, but do not deprive yourself completely of the things you love.
  9. HAVE FUN! Whatever you find to be fun, get out there and do it!
  10. EXERCISE! Whatever you do, exercise can help boost endorphins, so it will help boost your mood!

This was our first of many IMAGE Wellness Series events. We look forward to offering virtual and in-person programming in the coming months. If you were not able to attend this event, check out the video link below to watch it. We wish you all a very happy healthy holiday!

Happy, Healthy Holidays. Read Transcript.