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Accessing Visual Information

Updated as of January 18, 2024.

We are surrounded by visual information, but it’s not always accessible. Two major categories of tools that put access to that visual information at your fingertips are SmartPhone apps (also available on tablets) and visual interpretation services.

SmartPhone Apps

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is an artificial intelligence application that can identify text, objects, and colors for people who are blind or low vision. Seeing AI can also use facial recognition to help with identifying friends and family.   

Find out more in the Bridges Resource Library Seeing AI entry.

KNFB Reader

KNFB Reader is a fee-based app that reads print information aloud to users who have print disabilities. The text can also be read using a Braille display.

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Voice Dream (Scanner and Reader)

When used in combination, these two apps allow you to take pictures of written information, scan it, perform optical character recognition (OCR), and read or listen to the resulting text. Note: You can read the text in either print or in braille using a refreshable braille device connected to your SmartPhone.

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Find out more about the Voice Dream suite of products

Voice Dream produces three apps that are all non-visually accessible: Voice Dream Reader, Voice Dream Scanner, and Voice Dream Writer. Check out the Bridges Resource Library’s Voice Dream entry for more details about this software.

Visual Interpretation Services

Smart Device and Connectivity Required

As a preliminary matter, please note that the tools discussed below use applications (apps) on smart devices, like smartphones, tablets, etc. Additionally, these apps provide real-time information, so they require Wi-Fi and/or data connectivity to function.


Aira is a service where you can call an agent in real-time to assist you with tasks in which visual information might be helpful. Using the camera on your phone, the agent can provide you with information about your environment or answer visual questions for you at your request.

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Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free, volunteer-staffed app that connects blind/low vision individuals seeking visual information with sighted volunteers through a free SmartPhone app that connects app users with volunteers from around the world.

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