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Connect: GROW

A two toned semi circle surrounds a sprouting seedling. Connect: GROW Get Ready For Opportunities To Work. A Training for Teens and Young Adults.

Come GROW with us!

A Training Program for Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities

What is Connect: GROW?

Connect: GROW is a new program that helps students

Get Ready for Opportunities to Work. This program has six areas of focus for students including:

Session 1: Goal Setting (7 weeks )

Session 2: The Job Hunt (3 weeks)

Session 3: First Impressions (3 weeks)

Session 4: Professionalism at Work (5 weeks)

Session 5: Managing Work & Personal Life (4 weeks)

Session 6: Confidence on the Job (4 weeks)

Students may register to participate in each training session 1x and may complete some or all of the sessions based on their preference and registration availability.

Questions about this new program? Email Jessica Leone

Session 1: Goal Setting


The IMAGE Center

300 E. Joppa Road STE 312

Towson, MD



from 6-7:30pm

April 5th- May 17th


Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities

Ages 14-25

Program Cost:

The cost for this 7 week training session is $140.00

($20 per each program week)

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