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Resources from the Maryland Library for the Blind! Jumping Into January, Part 2

2022 is over, and it’s time to jump into 2023! Join us as we explore revamped and new resources to help you on your Transition journey – through school and beyond!

  • January 3: The Bridges Helpdesk Returns and is Growing!
  • January 10: JAWS Screen Reading Software Offers Even More in 2023!
  • January 17: Resources from the Maryland Library for the Blind!
  • January 24: Technology and Tools Available for Free at APH!
  • January 31: Changes to AIRA’s On-Demand Visual Interpretation Services

In this third installment of our “Jumping Into January” series, we highlight some of the great resources available from the Maryland Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD)!

Tell Me About the Maryland Library for the Blind and Print Disabled


“Any resident of Maryland who cannot read or use regular print materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical limitations may receive service through LBPD. This includes those who are blind, have a visual disability, or have a physical disability that prevents reading.” From LBPD Frequently Asked Questions web page.


If you are eligible for LBPD services, you will receive them at no cost. There is NO CHARGE for materials, tools, and services from the Maryland LBPD.

What Resources MdLPBPD Are Available?


  • Books
  • Magazines


  • Audio (if needed, the LBPD will provide a digital talking book player for your use)
  • Hard copy braille
  • Hard copy large print
  • Electronic braille
  • BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download)

EBraille reader

Yes, you can request a 20-cell refreshable braille display from LBPD, and it will be sent at no cost to you. While it is technically a loaner device, you are in charge of it, and you do not need to return it over holiday breaks, the summer, or upon graduation. This is a big, big thing!

Now, please note that the device is a READING device; it is not a full notetaker. Nevertheless, you may directly download both BARD and NFB-Newsline resources to the device, and you can pair it to your computer or iDevice and use screen reading software (JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver) to use it as both a refreshable braille display and as a braille keyboard.

Please contact the Bridges Helpdesk for more information. We are excited to connect you to this terrific resource!

College textbooks

Through its Maryland Accessible Textbooks (MAT) program, the LBPD provides eligible LBPD patrons in two- or four-year colleges electronic files to access their college textbooks. This service is available at no cost, but the student must first purchase a print version of the textbook (just as sighted college students do). Please note that you may still request accessible textbooks (including hard copies and tactile graphics) from your school’s disabilities services office. The MAT program simply provides an additional option for you, and it might be quicker than going through your college.

And even more!

The LBPD has so many offerings, we cannot possibly list them all here. Please contact the Bridges Helpdesk, and we will help you find the resources you need: at LBPD and beyond!

Contact us

Follow the Bridges Helpdesk Facebook page for more transition tips, and please contact the Free Helpdesk for Maryland Blind/Low Vision Transition Students, Families, and Educators anytime using:

Voice mail: Call (443) 320-4003, leave a voice mail message, and we will return your call

This unique project is being coordinated through The IMAGE Center of Maryland, a center for independent living in Towson, and it is funded by a grant from the Maryland Department of Education Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services.

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