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KNFB Reader

The fifth in a five-part series: Accessing Visual Information Series.

We are surrounded by visual information, but it’s not always accessible. This month, the Bridges Helpdesk explores tools that put access to that visual information at your fingertips.

In this fifth installment of the series, we learn about KNFB Reader.

What is KNFB Reader?

KNFB Reader is an app which reads print information aloud to users who have print disabilities. The text can also be read using a Braille display. The app has text detection and tactile feedback to help the user ensure that they are capturing all of the text in the photo. It also features highlighting capabilities for those with low vision or other print disabilities for which pinpointing text would be useful.

How Much does KNFB Reader Cost?

KNFB Reader is available for all Apple products, as well as for Android and Windows 10. It is $99.99. Since KNFB Reader can help individuals read school assignments and important work documents, many universities, employers, and VR agencies have been known to purchase this app for individuals.

KNFB Reader Features

KNFB Reader features a variety of useful options, including:

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